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🍌 Banana and Peanut Butter Wraps - Easy and Delicious Camping Recipe

Looking for a quick and tasty camping recipe? Try our Banana and Peanut Butter Wraps! Made with whole grain tortillas, bananas, and peanut butter, this recipe is perfect for a healthy and satisfying snack while camping. Customize with honey, cinnamon, or other ingredients for added flavor. Dairy-free and versatile!

Banana and Peanut Butter Wraps

You will need:

  • whole grain tortillasWhole grain tortillas
  • bananasBananas
  • peanut butterPeanut butter
  • honeyHoney (optional)
  • cinnamonCinnamon (optional)


  1. First, lay out a whole grain tortilla and spread a generous amount of peanut butter over the entire surface. This will act as a delicious, protein-rich glue for our wrap.
  2. Next, peel a ripe banana and place it at the edge of the tortilla. The banana adds a natural sweetness and a good dose of potassium for energy.
  3. If you like, you can drizzle a bit of honey over the banana for an extra touch of sweetness. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top for a hint of warm spice. Both of these are optional, but they add a nice flavor boost.
  4. Finally, roll up the tortilla tightly, making sure the banana stays in place. Once it's rolled up, slice it into bite-sized pieces. These wraps are perfect for a quick, easy, and mess-free camping snack.


This recipe is incredibly versatile. Feel free to add other ingredients like granola, chia seeds, or even some dark chocolate chips for a different twist. Just remember to keep it dairy-free!

Embark on a culinary adventure with our Banana and Peanut Butter Wraps, a recipe that's as delicious as it is nutritious. This easy-to-make meal is perfect for those on-the-go moments when you're exploring the great outdoors. It's packed with protein, fiber, and natural sugars, giving you the energy boost you need to conquer your next trail.

One of the many perks of this recipe is its simplicity. With just a few basic ingredients, you can whip up a tasty treat that's sure to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds. This is just one of the many easy campfire recipes we have curated for your outdoor cooking experience.

But don't let the simplicity fool you. These wraps are incredibly versatile. You can easily customize them to suit your dietary needs or personal preferences. For instance, if you're following a vegan diet, you might want to check out our creative and flavorful vegan meal plans for camping. You'll find plenty of inspiration to jazz up your wraps with plant-based ingredients.

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